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Double and Triple Glazing

A single pane of glass acts as a good barrier to keep the wind and rain out but does little to prevent heat loss. However by simply adding a second pane of glass a cavity is created that acts as an insulating barrier with several key benefits.

Firstly it significantly reduces the rate of heat transfer from a warm room to a colder external environment; but still allows radiant heat (from the sun) to pass through and heat buildings using this free energy. Secondly it reduces noise levels, more details available here.

Thirdly the use of double glazing will reduce the chances of condensation as the temperature of the internal surface of the glass is more likely to stay above the point where condensation forms. Triple glazing (the use of three panes of glass) can offer even further improvements in thermal and acoustic performance as there are two barriers. However the use of triple glazing requires some thought as the units are both thicker and heavier.

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