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Technological advances at HourGlass Seal

The benefits of new machinery and Edgetech...

We are pleased to inform you of a significant investment in the glass production facility of a fully automated For.El Super Spacer application line at Hourglass Seal. This is being installed throughout the month of December and will become fully operational through January 2012.

This state of the art technology means a radical reduction in manual processing and the associated errors manual handling can cause. The new application line uses the latest in warm edge technology with the Edge Tech Super Spacer of which the benefits are:

  • 20 Year Warranty on Sealed Glass Units
  • 65% warmer at the edge of the glass
  • Reduction of condensation by up to 70% over normal double glazing
  • Reduction of noise by up to 2dB over a standard spacer
  • UV resistance covering temperature ranges from -51 to +127 degrees
  • 100% memory properties ensuring the spacebar is always in the right place

In addition to this, customers using this technology and glass are eligible for Edgetech's 360 Marketing Support. This is an effective combination of direct mail, point of sale, P.R and website information that you can use against your competition to win business.

For more information on Edgetech's range of Warm Edge Technology, visit